My World Shared

My World Shared Through Instagram

Megan Sobczyk

Once an orthodox when it comes to taking photos, be it slr or later mostly dslr, I would never use my phone for it in the past.
All that changed since discovering IG last year which became a revelation and addiction immediately, offering ability of instant adjustment of the mood and sharing it with others. It also became sort of a diary as well as a vent outside my profession.
Although you usually can’t avoid mixing your passions so you can still see quite a lot of architecture in my stream.
Inevitably, within weeks, I became a part of, as it turned out to my astonishment, huge community of sharers.
So it’s not just about photography anymore. I simply love this new way of life called iphoneography which brings people from all over the world together at the same time. Here’s my world and I’m thrilled being able to share it with you.

You can find and follow more works of Megan at her Instagram: @kleene

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