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Chris Prakoso

Chris Prakoso

There is a saying that is famous among Photographer, ‘The Best Camera is the one in your hand’, and since my iPhone is always with me, it has definitely become my best camera. iPhoneography is still in infancy, but the impact and influence are slowly but surely entering the mainstream Photography. The ubiquity and the proven ability to take great pictures are two of the iPhone perfect combination, which is why I fell in love with it.
I love that I am be able to ‘catch a moment’ of the world around me where ever I want – when ever I want.
I love Photography since I was young and I have an SLR with which I used to take lots of photos, then I stopped, the SLR gathering dust in the attic. But since I’ve been shooting with my iPhone, I have rediscovered my passion.
My Photography interest includes Landscape, Cityscape, Urban, and Streetphotography of which iPhoneography seems to be the perfect match.

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