My World Shared

My World Shared Through Instagram

Zoë Baker

I love how easy it is to share and discover beautiful images using Instagram. At the moment I am am completely enamoured by it. I take pictures of everything: new things I spot, happy moments and things big and small that make life beautiful. I  capture, edit and upload my images using my iPhone 4.

You can follow more works of Zoe at Instagram @zoewithdots.



Dirk Singer

I never took any photos, even family ones, before Instagram came along.   Now according to my four year old son, “Daddy likes taking pictures best of all.”   I can’t say I am much of a photographer, more someone who randomly tries out new filters and applications that enhances how things really look – maybe that comes from having a PR and marketing background!   In addition to allowing me to connect to a wider community of some really amazing people, Instagram has given me a lot of enjoyment and taught me to notice things around me I never really saw before.

You can follow more works of Dirk at Instagram @dirktherabbit