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My World Shared Through Instagram

Jess Macdonald

Jess Macdonald

Since joining instagram in March my life has changed
dramatically… I cant walk down the street without seeing something
and taking a photograph.
I see a lot more beauty in London now and I love meeting people on
Instameets to talk about photography.



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Miss Jess Instagram

Debbie Coady

Debbie Coady

I love taking photographs and having my iPhone with me all
the time allows me to capture moments wherever I am and whatever I’m
doing (almost!). I enjoy all subjects from scenery, architecture and
street photography, and I particularly enjoy playing with light and
monotones, especially black & white and sepia. I also like to use a
splash of colour to accentuate details.



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 The London Eye

Ben Spencer

Ben Spencer

Mad millwall supporter, bouncer, small business owner, and amateur photographer, that does not fit the mould and loves to share his view of the world with the good peoples of Instagram.





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Ben Spencer

George Macdonald (VNA Magazine)

VNA Magazine

VNA is a London based street art magazine, focusing on artists,
photographers, illustrators and designers from all over the world. As
VNA is a printed quaterly magazine, the use of instagram is the
perfect way of showcasing street art seen on the streets instantly.




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VNA Magazine

Richard Gray

An obsessive iphoneographer using many styles and techniques,
taking photos of many subjects, but in particular London buildings.
Also takes photos of music events with big cameras.




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Jo Dunford

Jo Dunford

My name is Jo, I am based in the South of England and I am
passionate about iPhoneography. I mostly shoot street photography and
prefer black and white pictures over colour. All my photos are taken
with an iPhone 3GS and edited on the iPhone only. I am still on a
learning curve to fine tune my photography.



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Neil Bruder

Neil Bruder

Photo dilettante and all around nice guy.





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  • Flickr: neil_b

Kim Noce

Kim NoceI am in love with life, and in love with recording life: her beauty, her surprises  and her cruelty… but I am only a beginner.





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Missing childhood

Diana Elizabeth Janicki

 A Digital Creative Director living in London the last 12 years and Sweden
for 6 years before that, I still call Australia home, Melbourne to be exact.

Travel, food, design, and art, are my passion: Instagram is my obesssion.
Whatever the weather, I¹m happiest walking and capturing beauty as I see it.

I dont apply any rules, themes, limitations, or structure to my
photography- life and work impose enough of that.
I simply let myself enjoy it all and share with those who will.
That¹s the beauty of socially enabled photography.
Hope you enjoy it too.
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Diana Janicki

Jason Alvey

Jason Alvey

Musings on the tube, unique perspectives on the city; the small
moments we don’t always pay attention to in the chaos that is the
city.” My Instagram work is about the connections we have – be it with
friends made in Hong Kong, Tokyo and in person in London, through to
the fellow passengers we never get to know and the journeys we all
share. I’ve been drawn most recently to black and white street
photography, but colour will always have its place too.


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Jason Alvey


Tom Lawton

Tom Lawton

Tom Lawton is a product designer, inventor and passionate IG’er. Inspired
by the world around us, for the past decade Tom has been tirelessly
developing his compact and innovative BubbleScope ‘instant 360 panoramic’
optical accessory for megapixel smartphones. What started as a
self-initiated R&D project has evolved through dozens of prototypes & is now
poised to become a worldwide success with global distribution, free App and
community called BubblePix. BubbleScope unleashes your images from the
blinkered frame of conventional, subjective photography, enabling users to
simply capture their entire surroundings in a click, point-of-view style.
When life inspires you, just shoot the bubble.

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Keith Houghton

Keith Houghton

I am  mid-30s, Surbiton-based Higher Education professional during the day. When not working, I enjoy taking all sorts of random pictures, mostly with my iPhone4. The iPhone and Instagram has really helped me rediscover the joy of photography and I find that I now experiment with different shots and angles much more than I did with a digital compact camera.  I don’t have any particular style, though I do seem to take lots of pictures of clouds and on public transport (trains and tube / metro systems in particular). My favourite iPhone photo apps are Camera Plus and Dynamic Light.



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Going Underground @ Waterloo

Chris Campbell

I’m a 30 Something Bloke from Northern Ireland who has only recently found a love of (i)Photography after discovering Instagram while bored on the train to work. Since March this year I have really found myself looking at everything different and its all down to the iPhone and its vast array of brilliant Photography Apps and Instagram and the supportive creative community within.




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  • Instagram: @clanzman



Chris Prakoso

Chris Prakoso

There is a saying that is famous among Photographer, ‘The Best Camera is the one in your hand’, and since my iPhone is always with me, it has definitely become my best camera. iPhoneography is still in infancy, but the impact and influence are slowly but surely entering the mainstream Photography. The ubiquity and the proven ability to take great pictures are two of the iPhone perfect combination, which is why I fell in love with it.
I love that I am be able to ‘catch a moment’ of the world around me where ever I want – when ever I want.
I love Photography since I was young and I have an SLR with which I used to take lots of photos, then I stopped, the SLR gathering dust in the attic. But since I’ve been shooting with my iPhone, I have rediscovered my passion.
My Photography interest includes Landscape, Cityscape, Urban, and Streetphotography of which iPhoneography seems to be the perfect match.

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Street Musician

Yvonne Bouman

I am Dutch but call London home. I don’t work in a creative sector but
have always been interested in pursuing creative interests such as
painting and drawing. I picked up a camera for the first time about 4
years ago with the intention of shooting something other than a
holiday snap and have not looked back. On the 12th of November 2010 I
joined Instagram and this has truly been one of the most amazing
experiences ever. The IG community has been an endless source of
encouragement and inspiration, as well as new friends. As a result of
IG I’ve started using my iPhone more and more and my DSLR less and
less. I love documenting everyday life and not a day goes by without
taking at least one picture. I am now planning to start a part time
degree in photography.

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Yvonne Bouman

Dave Chapman

I always have my iPhone in my hand, but sometimes I forget it’s a phone as well as a camera! I’m a huge fan of film photography (but not of the cost) so I’m drawn to experiment with various apps to produce images that have a ‘film’ look and feel. I love exploring London, and sharing what I find.




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Sergey Eremin

I’m a professional photographer working in various fields. Instagram account is mainly dedicated to the photo project about British cars and car culture, capturing classic and rare cars on the street and exploring their connection with the places their owners go to or live in.





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Paul O’Connor

Paul O’Connor is a professional photographer based in Bath and has now
notched up over 20 years of shooting experience. He set up Paul and
Paul Photography in Bath twelve years ago and is totally dedicated to
providing photography of the highest quality. He specialises in
people, lifestyle and portraiture with an emphasis on the use of
natural available light. Now he’s an avid IG’er too.



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Leyla Bile

You could say that iPhoneography was my gateway to photography, my
first introduction. I started taking pictures with my iPhone about two
years ago but only became fully aware of it’s photographic potential
last year when found out about iPhoneography on Twitter. That is when
I started to notice more and more about my surroundings and fell in
love with streetphotography. Living in London is just the icing on the
cake, with it’s diverse mix of people and cultures to choose from for
my next shot.


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Norma Phoenix

I’m indebted to my 12 year old son, Fergus, who persuaded me to buy
an iphone earlier this year, which lead to my discovery of IG. This
creativeoutlet has revolutionised my life and I have become obsessed
with taking photographs wherever I go. I see everything as shots,
chasing beauty, light and angles. The gift of IG is that it has
brought me much joy and into contact with some truly talented and
wonderful people who inspire me on a daily basis.



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Megan Sobczyk

Once an orthodox when it comes to taking photos, be it slr or later mostly dslr, I would never use my phone for it in the past.
All that changed since discovering IG last year which became a revelation and addiction immediately, offering ability of instant adjustment of the mood and sharing it with others. It also became sort of a diary as well as a vent outside my profession.
Although you usually can’t avoid mixing your passions so you can still see quite a lot of architecture in my stream.
Inevitably, within weeks, I became a part of, as it turned out to my astonishment, huge community of sharers.
So it’s not just about photography anymore. I simply love this new way of life called iphoneography which brings people from all over the world together at the same time. Here’s my world and I’m thrilled being able to share it with you.

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Stephanie Butters

Since discovering Instagram late last year I have realised that I don’t have to carry around my big heavy DSLR all the time to get great shots. I snap anything and everything that looks interesting. Instagram has made me slow down and take time to notice the little things around me that I would have just walked past before. It has also introduced me to lots of great new friends which without Instagram we would never have met and be putting on this exhibition.




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Stephen Burgess

Hello I’m from London. I play a character called Vice Chancellor C*nting C*ntingham aka @scienceresearch. He’s from Chichester. You might bump into @scienceresearch on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Viddy, Streamzoo, Mobli, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Soundtracking and – at – in Podbean and iTunes. Through words, pictures, videos and music, @scienceresearch aims to achieve Kuzushi: the moment (however brief) of breaking another person’s balance. For example, @scienceresearch aims to achieve Kuzushi: the moment (however brief) of breaking another person’s balance. My most recent project was #diamondsresearch. My current project is #scorpionresearch, which is an experiment in collaborative Death Meditation.

Cat Turner

How I love Instagram! I now look at the world in a whole new way – with and without filters! It just goes to show that there is a little bit of an artist in everybody.

You can follow more works of Cat at Instagram @catturner.